[PD] Compile iem_ambi from svn?

Peter P. p8rpp at aol.com
Tue Jan 28 00:24:59 CET 2014

Dear list,

Please excuse me for asking this again, but I am trying to compile 
single externals from svn (in my case it is iem_ambi).

I am afraid I haven't managed to locate documentation as to how this 
can be done and I am confused by new/old build systems etc.

upon issuing a
        make -f makefile
in the iem_ambi directory I get
        makefile:12: ../../Make.include: No such file or directory
which indeed does not exist. There is only one such file located      
within externals/iemlib which does not help even when modifying the   
iem_ambi makefile to include it.

What is the best way to proceed here? Most other externals compile    
fine locally, using a well-dosed mixture of aclocal, autoconf,        
./configure and make.

Thank you for updating me and please excuse my oldschool way

best, P

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