[PD] get sinusoid from a sine and a cosine oscillator

Alexandros Drymonitis adrcki at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 16:12:23 CET 2014

Say I have a full sine and a full cosine cycle stored in two tables. I'm
trying the following to get a sinusoid from [rifft~] but it doesn't work.

[*~ sizeOfTable - 3]
[+~ 1]
| \
|  [tabread4~ sine]
|   \
[tabread4~ cosine]
|      \
|    [tabreceive~ hann]
|    |
[*~ ]
[/~ 1536]

I've set the block size to 1024 in this subpatch, and there's a hann window
in the parent patch as well. The tables have three guard points, that's why
I'm multiplying [phasor~] by the size of the table minus three and then add
The output of this is a waveform with very low amplitude that kind of
bounces up and down within a sine like mask. Don't know if I'm making my
self clear. My main question is, how do you get a sinusoid out of a sine
and a cosine? Also, what's wrong in my approach?
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