[PD] RjDj/ScenePlayer for iOS?

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 15:59:30 CET 2014

Thanks Dan, Chris, and a few others who sent something. Yesterday was one of those bad days + I was sick :(

I guess I've just been a bit disappointed with what I perceived as a lack of interest, but then again that would probably change once it's out on the App Store. I started with a need that transformed into an open tool for everyone so I've probably spent alot more effort to get it to that quality then if I only needed it for a few personal projects. I will be happy when I get video and patches back from people using it in performance ... not to mention myself getting away from coding and doing the same!

Again, if anyone wants to join the beta, let me know. I'm going to probably have 1 or two more releases as I add some things I think are needed for an app store release.
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> Dan, FWIW I very much appreciate the work you've done on PdParty, and though as you know my testing was very brief and limited primarily to MIDI-related support, it worked well in the simple test case I programmed.
> Perhaps more importantly, and as has been discussed a bit in here in recent weeks, as a purely Max-based person till now, I began to explore Pd for the sole reason that it offered more iOS and Android support than what's currently available for Max.  Things like PdParty are what brought me this way...

Dan Wilcox

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