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Aaron L. elmastero74 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 20:13:30 CET 2014

Hi all.

King lurker here.......and I'm kinda thinking out loud so forgive me if
some of this is somewhat cloudy.

Let's say I had a pd patch that was simply a controller for different delay
parameters. (i.e. in this case,  "Bob's Guitar" signal passes through and
the patch offers the following knobs to twiddle:  delay time, wet/dry
level, etc.).

Now let's say I wanted to control these parameters with another, separate
guitar that is effectively silent and is just used as a controller (we'll
call this controller-guitar "2nd Guitar"......bear with me here).  And by
"control" I mean each string of "2nd Guitar" gets different parameters of
the audible "Bob's Guitar" to control (the effect happens to be 'delay' in
this case).

So essentially, you'd have "Bob's Guitar" that gets "fed" (maybe via midi
pickup or something?) to another guitar where "2nd Guitar" controls the
delay of "Bob's Guitar" in real time via, say, another midi pickup on "2nd
Guitar"?? (I have very limited experience with midi so, unfortunately,
there's that.)

In a perfect world, any effect could be chosen and tweaked by "2nd Guitar"
and any effect could be combined and controlled by "2nd Guitar's"
strings......play a string "fast" and the delay gets "faster", etc.

Seems like an awfully tall order but someone out there must be doing
something kinda like this.


(My apologies and/or 'thank yous' in advance..............)
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