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Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 19:33:41 CEST 2014

Oops, I'll be dammed, but [text] doesn't seem to handle "$0" in the same

Although it looks like a super [qlist], giving [text] a "$0" for an address
symbol, such as "$0-test1", turns it into "0-test1"... so no deal for it.

I'm assuming it's not supposed to be something regarding an object design.
As with [qlist] and [textfile], the issue is related to the way Pd doesn't
handle $0 in messages. So unless it eventually does, I guess that the only
thing left to do is to find some workarounds as discussed here.

"note that i'm not saying that this could not be done more conveniently
on the Pd side. i'm only saying that you can build things yourself
that do (more or less) what you want to do. and it's not that hard to
create your own little set of helpers that do what you want (though
probably not what I want)"

I get that, and I'm actually cool with the philosophy. The reason I insist
is aimed to Pd's functionality as a whole, and I only mention one thing or
another after giving it a good deal of thought and really believing it'd be
a better user experience for other people. Specially beginners.

Actually, lots of this issues come up for me when I'm preparing patches for
classes. And I'm also writing extensive documentation for Pd. So when I hit
this issues I think of the students and all the people I want to lure into
Pd, selling it as a very simple and fucntional environment.

Bur for example, now I'm teaching how to do sequencing, and I'd like to say
that it just works if anyone needs [qlist] to send local messages. It's bad
to not mention some limitations or to mention them and spend a lot of time
on some clumsy workarounds to avoid them.

And for having taught Pd a lot, the $0 thing in messages is always
something that stands out for some working around. It's fine by me, I'm
just thinking of newcomers having to grasp these details, when I wonder if
it all could just be solved internally on the way Pd is programmed to deal
with messages.

I assume I have no idea of the hassles involved, but I have the idea that
there must be a few options to solve this. It can't be impossible.

Well, one way or another, this is just a humble opinion. It's my two cents
on the subject. I don't see any problem emerging from the capability of
messages inheriting $0, and it'd be totally backwards compatible to older
patches. Moeover, [qlist] and [text] could send messages to local receives.


2014-04-03 13:45 GMT-03:00 Alexandre Torres Porres <porres at gmail.com>:

> > Miller proposed to use the new [text] class introduced in 0.45
> Oh I see, didn't know about it. It really seems like it's the option for
> more flexibility than [qlist] can handle. Will try it out.
> cheers
> 2014-04-03 3:38 GMT-03:00 Roman Haefeli <reduzent at gmail.com>:
> On Wed, 2014-04-02 at 20:49 -0300, Alexandre Torres Porres wrote:
>> > By the way, haven't been really able to make it work well with
>> > [textfile]. If you get a symbol with $0-symbol from a text file, you
>> > can't use it to work as an address for [send].
>> Miller proposed to use the new [text] class introduced in 0.45, not the
>> old [textfile]. I haven't checked myself, but according to him this
>> would solve all your trouble as it allows - if I understand correctly -
>> to take literal $0 strings that get expanded only at reading time. (Is
>> that what you meant, Miller?)
>> Roman
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