[PD] Distance Measures among Arrays and Lists

D G mami.music at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 12:07:57 CEST 2014

D - my apologies, "ptrdiff_t" was a C joke: it's just the type that a C
> compiler would assign to the difference between two pd array variables (as
> pointers).  it's neither a pd internal nor external object, and its only
> meaning is in terms of memory addresses; so it's probably not what you're
> looking for.
No worries :)

> if you're talking not just about arrays of numeric values but also
> symbols, you might have to turn to python or lua to compute something like
> the Levenshtein distance (aka "string edit distance").
Im interested mostly in comparing numeric arrays.

>  if your argument arrays are always the same length, you can probably
> twiddle together a fairly simple Pd patch to compute the Hamming distance.
Yes. I was hoping someone had an advance on this. In any case ill share
what i find/program.

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