[PD] no midi in ubuntu

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Mon Jun 2 17:02:56 CEST 2014

hello everyone,

After some research I have found that I can connect a controller through 
aconnect when pd is already running. This was not the case a couple 
versions ago (of everything, pd, alsa, and OS; I am in a different 
computer so I can't tell what those versions are exactly).

Is there any way that one can make these connections through Pd directly?

currently, I have to list all devices with /aconnect -i/, then make a 
connection with/aconnect 24 129 /where 24 is the sender device and 129 
is the software input...

Not sure how this changed, but it seems problematic for automated 
loading of patches. Any workarounds?



On 31/05/14 20:17, jaime wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to get a usb midi foot controller (logidy UMI3) in Pd.
> This same controller works flawlessly in a different ubuntu machine 
> (older version), but I cannot get it to work in the latest ubuntu, 
> latest pd, etc.
> I have made sure that alsa_seq is running and tried multiple ports.
> Anyone have any suggestions on what else to try ??
> thanks,
> J

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