[PD] Force OSS MIDI on Raspberry Pi

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For what it's worth, if the device works with Alsa but you need to manually connect it on the commandline, you can use my approach which does this via scripting. I basically start pd, then loop while checking aconnect until "Pure Data" appears on the Alsa midi connections graph. If this didn't work before, its probably because you have to wait until pd's midi is setup and connected. Then I run another script (pd-midi-connect) which connects a give device to pd by name. In fact, I have a udev rule that runs the pd-midi-connect script automatically on usb-midi device hotplugs.  

In my pd start script:

# wait for pd midi to initialize
while [ $(aconnect -i -o | grep "Pure Data") == "" ]; do
	sleep 1
	echo "rc-pd-start: pd alsamidi not ready"
	KA=$(aconnect -i -o | grep "Pure Data")
echo "rc-pd-start: pd alsmidi is ready"

$SCRIPTDIR/pd-midi-connect "LPK25"
$SCRIPTDIR/pd-midi-connect "UM-G2"

And the pd-midi-connect script is simply:

#! /bin/bash
# connect the given dev to Pure Data,
# check device names with aconnect -lio

if [ $(ps aux | grep -v grep | grep -wc [p]d-watchdog) ]; then
	aconnect "$1" 'Pure Data'
	aconnect 'Pure Data':1 "$1":0

I actually cleaned up the scripting setup and can get everything online in a Github repo as a downloadable system at some point. :D We seem to be running into alot of the same kind problems on the list regarding embedded Linux recently.

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> Hi, 
> This thread is so close to being useful to me: 
> http://lists.puredata.info/pipermail/pd-list/2013-02/101248.html
> Miller or anyone who knows the answer, can you please tell me what the "this"is that you put in the .pdsettings file? As in, the precise syntax?
> Thanks,
> Joe

Dan Wilcox

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