[PD] [pix_write] crashing Pd-Extended

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Wed Jun 18 09:06:43 CEST 2014

On 06/18/2014 02:58 AM, Richie Cyngler via Pd-list wrote:
> Hi all,
> No matter what I try I can't get [pix_write] to do much more than create
> corrupted .tiffs that won't open or just crash Pd. Looks like it's missing
> gem.conf?
> open: /etc/pd/gem.conf: No such file or directory
> open: /home/research/.pd/gem.conf: No such file or directory
> open: ./gem.conf: No such file or directory
> pd: tif_dirwrite.c:2084: TIFFWriteDirectoryTagCheckedRational: Assertion
> `value>=0.0' failed.
> Pd: signal 6
> Running Pd Extended 0.43.4 64 bit on Ubuntu 14.04. 

> I know the 64 bit is buggy 

why? what?
what exactly are you referring to with "the 64th bit"?
how is it buggy?

> but according to my searching [pix_write] has had issues for a while?

if it does has issues with PdX-0.43.3 then it will have these issues
forever. i don't think anybody will make a bugfix version of this PdX
release ever...rather a new shiny PdX-0.45.6 might come out...

in any case:
- [pix_write] is deprecated in favour of [pix_writer] (which takes the
incoming PIX to write, rather than creating a snapshot of the current
framebuffer). the deprecation happened because [pix_write] is flawed by
design rather than any bugs.

- which imageplugins are you using? search for files called
"gem_image*.so" in your extra/Gem/ folder.
if you have both gem_imageTIFF.so and gem_imageMAGICK.so try disabling
one of them (just rename it to something not starting with "gem_" && not
ending with ".so, e.g. gem_imageTIFF.so.disabled) and see if it helps;
if not try disabling the other one. the MAGICK plugin should be the
preferred one.


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