[PD] [pix_write] crashing Pd-Extended

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Mon Jun 23 10:59:52 CEST 2014

On 06/23/2014 09:37 AM, Richie Cyngler via Pd-list wrote:
> Thanks very much for the help patch Cyrille, I'm still having trouble with
> it. No matter what path (or lack of path) I specify I get something like:
> GEM: Unable to save image to 'blahblah/Home/Pd_files/test100000.jpg'
> Is there a reason Pd might not be able to write to my HD (Ubuntu 14.04)?

reason #1: Pd might disagree with you about your current working directory.
*and* [pix_write*] will not create directories for you; if the path to
the filename (excluding the file-portion) does not exist, then you won't
be able to write the file.

imagine you have a directory "foo" in your home-directory (e.g.
since you want to write images into this file, you specify
"foo/test.jpg" as the output filename)
now you start Pd from the cmdline while you are in the /tmp directory:
$ cd /tmp && pd
sending the above message will really tell [pix_write*] to create a file
"/tmp/foo/test.jpg". assuming there is no "/tmp/foo/" directory, this
will fail.

if possible try using absolute paths.
(e.g. prefixing your relative path with some (variable) root


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