[PD] how to debug a PD patch

plutek infinity plutek at infinity.net
Thu Sep 11 17:51:26 CEST 2014

On 2014-09-11 11:37, Py Fave wrote:
> 4. what platform are you running on ?
> version of pd ?

0.46.0 ("") on linux.

> what does your patch should do?

it does a lot of things...  :)   filters/resonance, ringmod, 
harmonization, delay, spectral manipulation, with a patching matrix 
between all the modules. it's a live performance instrument, 
manipulating sound from acoustic sources, and with a bunch of MIDI 
switches and pedals to control parameters.

thanks for all your suggestions, py... it has grown quite complicated 
over the years, and is probably in need of some housekeeping! i was just 
hoping there might be a debugging tool which might help point to 
specific issues.  ;)


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