[PD] multi 3d object or multiple GEM window

Csaba Láng langcsaba at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 13:07:34 CET 2014

Hi all,

I try to have multiple 3d models in one GEM window, but each of them in an
other part of the GEM window, let's say in the corners. As the virtual
camera is set to the centre of the screen, it means that each 3d object has
a distortion in the corners, what's more, if I move them out from 0 0 0
position, any rotation has an effect on each model, as they do not revolve
around its own axes, but the 3d space axes.

So what I want to make is couple let's call them eyeballs from a 3d .obj
file which are perfectly circle shaped and not ovals on the edge of the
screen, revolving around its own axes.

What i see, maybe multiple virtual cameras are needed to have each object
in the centre of each cameras, or havingmultiple GEM windows offset to the
right position without borders on the second screens.

What is the easiest solution for this?
I found some ideas from you on this site:
but the multiple Gem window link is dead on source forge.

Thanks in advance:

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