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Am 07. November 2014 22:46:35 MEZ, schrieb Jonathan Wilkes via Pd-list <pd-list at lists.iem.at>:
>Should "libdir" as a path have any meaning to the Pd user or patch

I dont think so. (I also cannot remember to have needer it ever.)

>  I see it in the source code.  

Afaik it's only used to launch pd-gui and pd-watchdog.

> On GNU/Linux it looks like it
>points to /usr/lib/pd-- essentially the place for the subdirs doc,
>extra, etc.

Note that it is only *one* of many places for extra.
Hans and me spent some time to figure out how to make pd-extended and pd-vanilla co-installable on debian and friends, without duplicating each and every external for both flavours.

The solution was to have multiple "extra" dirs:

(And thats on top of all the ~/pd-externals and /usr/local/pd-externals)

so obviously i am mainly concerned about the usability of the value for the location of addons...

>I ask because I just added a "libdir" method to [pdinfo] in Pd-l2ork. 
>It's useful, 

Could you share some use-cases?

>but maybe there's a better name for that method since it
>conflicts with the name for anl self-contained external library that
>adheres to Hans' standard format.

How about "pdinstalldir"? (prefixed 'pd' to avoid confusion with the "install" path of the patch.) the "lib" is really just an implementation detail of the FSH.


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