[PD] libpd for l2ork?

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 16:31:56 CET 2014

Current status is "doesn't exist" as far as I know.

Technically it's possible.

It simply involves bringing in the sources and modifying the make files.
The wrapper aspect of libpd is separate from the actual pd sources but
relies on a few changes made under the hood. I believe l2ork is
sufficiently up to date as compared to vanilla to have most of those.

Practically, it's not possible unless there are more people wanting to step
up and work on it, specifically on a l2ork version. So far we've decided to
maintain pd-vanilla compatibility for a lot of reasons, mainly that this is
where libpd started. Time wise, we've take small steps to maintain
compatibility and performance and, so far, it's worked.

Also, I might be conservative in my patching when using libpd, but there
hasn't really been a case where I needed any extra functionality that I
didn't have using rjlib etc. Libpd's intent is not to provide the kitchen
sink since that's what you can farm out to your GUI layer or framework. The
main aspect is audio DSP within apps. As it stands now, you can't
reimplement a *pacthing GUI* with it since you don't have a way to access
the object graph etc but it defintiely works great as a white box for
sending samples & control messages in and out.

I basically think of libpd as a pd abstraction running inside an app, not
"Pure Data" the application running inside an app.

> in relation to Pd-l2ork,
> guys, what's the status of having a 'libpd' for l2ork???  is that
> possible?
> sorry for going off topic...but it is something i have wanted to ask for
> ages.
Dan Wilcox
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