[PD] Approaches to "show control" platforms

Simon Wise simonzwise at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 11:36:40 CET 2014

On 17/11/14 21:10, Antoine Villeret wrote:
> ok cool
> i need it to build a synchronized audio/video player
> a solution exist with Python, but it's stuck in a very old Raspbian
> version... and not compatible with Jessie (and also I don't know anything
> about Python :-) )

I've avoided all the desktop libraries for dbus, just using its basic interface 
and a dedicated dbus session so compatibility should be fine. I'm using a custom 
rt kernel with support for the wolfson in a fairly recent (still wheezy) 
publicly released raspbian, and also in the B+ release of raspbian as well.

I was using a wolfson audio card, and have not been able to get a reliable 
player going that will send audio playback from an AV file into userspace, so I 
needed to cue audio and video independently in pd. It was tight enough for this 
media, still have to test exactly how tight it is though. It would be better to 
have a player that can do it directly, and will give that a go. But that may not 
be available with what broadcom has released so far, that may be why wolfson 
seemed to stall in its development, and got cheaper.

Next step is getting the wolfson clock sync controls worked out, then I should 
be able to daisy-chain the spdiff of several wolfsons and essentially have a 
single media/audio clock running all the Pis and a stereo audio mix to the final 
wolfson in the chain.


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