[PD] loading scala .scl files with textobject

Billy Stiltner billy.stiltner at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 04:21:59 CET 2015

xensynth 10.13
added native scala file support, reverse parsing simplifies logic but fails
on .scl files with
comments after tuning data.
to open a scala tuning file, open the tunings interface, click the
open_scala_file bang
browse and select .scl

little bit of work on the html xensequencer interface, not sequencing yet.
for a preview check xensynth/polysynth/testarea/seq.html

requires pd 0.46.1 or newer from http://www.crca.ucsd.edu/~msp/
see compile instructions there
for Miller's moogfilter to work you will have to compile it for your

ok this one has updates to the preset loading system using new textfile
functionality of loader is mouse around the preset number then click the
white bang to load or click the + or -.

interface is xensynth/polysynth/RUNME2showhidemidi.pd
and browser tuning plus mode control is:

click on [connection] click connect click [connection] again to roll up,
then click on either [mode list] or [mosedo]
[mode list] click a tuning to send the tuning
then click a mode to send a mode preferably a mode in the tuning section
previously clicked.
pd console should print something about rxing tuning and mode. other visual
clues are in the synth mode filter boxes as well as tuning period and table
graph in synth window(click [4VSYNTHi leadE] to open)

if you are not rxing tunings and modes then probably something wrong with
your java permissions.


select period by typing number in period box.
click generator box to see valid generators for chosen period.
type in a valid generator
enter or return is not valid input for either input box, just click out and
hit go.
synths will be tuned to period equal divisions of the octave.
a mos table will be displayed then you can click on any row to send that
as long as the mode filter is on in pd interface you can now audition the
mode with pc keyboard from browser or puredata.
to use browser across network to xensynth on another machine just change
localhost in connection section to apropriate ip address.
merry mathemusical holidaze!

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