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Billy Stiltner billy.stiltner at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 04:51:57 CET 2015

If GUI manipulation happens only in the GUI thread (i.e., we completely
> separate Pd into GUI thread and audio/message thread), a patch currently
> using [cnv] "get_pos" method for a crude control surface will break.  This
> is because the coordinate data is only being updated on the GUI side, and
> not reported back to the "core".  (Even if the core updates the GUI with
> programmatic coordinate changes.)
> If, on the other hand, the "core" is changed so that it queries the GUI to
> get coordinate data (for example), you either must block until the GUI
> returns-- which is bad-- or query ansynchrously which breaks determinism--
> which is worse.
> Finally, if you continually send the relevant GUI event data to the Pd

does webkit provide a submilisecond setInterval()?

is there anyway to change how tcl/tk responds to input?

maybe like how in javascript instead of each cell of a table having an
onClick() ,
a single loadEventHandler is used foor.
the entire table, each tcl/tk canvas is kinda like each document element in
anytime user input occurs only controls that respond to that input need
redrawn. how about 2 different response modes? or 3even.
1 for patch editing, 1 for performance, and another for dynamic patching?
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