[PD] compiling externs on windows

David Medine dmedine at ucsd.edu
Thu Jan 15 20:06:07 CET 2015

Yesterday I promised to compile [bob~] for windows, but I am having 
trouble delivering.

It /seems/ that the only way to compile externs on Windows is to have 
Visual Studio 6.0. I found a download online and have copied the Vc98 
folder (which has all pertinent libraries and headers) into an 
appropriate path for the makefile to find. What bites is that when I hit 
make, the linker fails to acknowledge LIBCMT.lib (which is clearly in my 
Vc98 folder.) I scoured the web for some info on building dlls for Pd, 
but there isn't much there.

Is anyone out there developing externs in modern Windows (ie 7 or 8 with 
Visual Studio >=9.0)? I have considered making a project template for 
Visual Studio 9.0, but I anticipate problems with pd.lib and (lack of) 
back compatibility.

This is something that I need to have, so I'm happy to keep working on 
this, but if there is already a solution that someone can point me to, 
well, that'd be swell.
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