[PD] Correct way to precess an audio stream

Alessio Degani alessio.degani at ymail.com
Wed Jan 21 01:43:13 CET 2015

On 20/01/2015 16:09, IOhannes m zmölnig wrote:
> On 01/20/2015 02:31 PM, Alessio Degani wrote:
>> Thanks IOhannes! Do you know any on-line resources where I can read
>> about how PD engine works at low level?
> i'm not aware of a low-level documentation on this.
>> This things are "hidden" to the PD users :)
> hmm, [block~] is well documented,  so the *users* should definitely be
> aware of it (at least, if they are familiar with the Pd-documentation).

Yes... in fact [block~] is "user-exposed" (humm, I'm not sure about this 
term :D )

> the *developers* might not be aware of it, since usually the entire
> overlap/add is done in the background and there's no need to be aware of
> it. when weird things happen (e.g. because you are doing things across
> signal block boundaries), i found that things become pretty much
> self-explanatory (at least this is how i learned :-))

Good! :) Thank you IOhannes


> gfmadsr
> IOhannes

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