[PD] Wiimote external not working any more ...

Niklas Reppel nik at parkellipsen.de
Wed Jan 21 23:20:33 CET 2015

Hi everybody,

it has been a long time since i've been toying around with my wiimote, 
but i remember that it was'n hard to make it run.

Now, i tried to make it functional again (on an Arch Linux system). 
Wmgui, hcitool sca, everything works fine!

BUT, the wiimote external doesn't (i downloaded version 0.3.2 from 
puredata.info). It compiles fine, but discovery
doesn't work (again, no problem with wmgui!). Ok, i can connect with 
explicit address. But still, only button data is
processed, i can't see any acceleration data or IR data ... (i can see 
it in wmgui).

A year ago or so, everything worked quite well ...

Any hints ?


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