[PD] VLC 2.1.x and Gem

Jack jack at rybn.org
Wed Mar 4 22:16:45 CET 2015

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Try to remove the Image Magick plug-in in your Gem folder.
There was (on my system), a conflict between VLC and ImageMagick.
For info, le right message is : [driver vlc, device screen://( and not
[driver vlc, screen://(.


Le 04/03/2015 20:29, Etienne Landon a écrit :
> Hi list,
> I want to get web camera streams into Gem, with different
> streaming formats (mainly http and rtmp). VLC plugin seems like the
> perfect way to handle that, but I can't get it to work with Gem. I
> know pdgst could be a solution but vlc has the advantage that I
> could handle any stream type the same way (where gst needs a
> different pipe).
> On Mint17 and Ubuntu 14.04 Gem crashes with segfault as soon as I
> try to open anything with VLC (like |driver vlc, screen://(  ) Both
> use vlc 2.1.4, I also tried 2.1.6 (vlc stable-daily ppa), same 
> behaviour. Having seen this thread
> <http://sourceforge.net/p/pd-gem/bugs/211/>, I tried the symlink
> removal without success, so made a gdb backtrace (attached with
> this message, usefull information are in the last lines) Config for
> this backtrace is : Freshly installed, updated Ubuntu 14.04.1 VLC
> 2.1.4 pd-extended 0.43.4 Gem 0.93.git 374f713 freshly compiled
> I had success regarding VLC and Gem on Ubuntu 13.10, which uses
> vlc 2.0.8. But with that vlc version, my stream is really long to
> start and stops after one minute or so. VLC behaviour between 2.0.8
> and 2.1.4 regarding rtmp looks very different, in vlc 2.1.x
> changelog they say "New RTMP input module, using libavformat!",
> which might explain that (seems that it was ffmpeg before).
> Has anyone successfully compiled vlc plugin for gem with recent
> vlc version ? Or any idea what other solution I could try ?
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