[PD] partconv~ outputs silence

Matthias Blau blau_m at web.de
Fri Jul 17 11:30:40 CEST 2015

Hello list,

I'm having trouble using partconv~ in a freshly compiled pd-0.46.6 on 
Ubuntu 14.04.

First, if I use the distro-supplied pd-bsaylor package, then I get the 
usual 64bit error message:
"An operation on the array '1003-ns_coeffs' in the patch 
'1003-ns_coeffs' failed since it uses garray_getfloatarray while running 

I then compiled bsaylor from svn (partconv~.c from 2013/01/02, where 
64bit access is supposedly fixed) and voila - no error message, pd 
apparently loads partconv~ ok:
"partconv~: using 1003-ns_coeffs in 1 partitions with FFT-size 1024"

Unfortunately, I don't get anything out of the filter. The fiter itself 
works (e.g. using FIR~).

Any hints?
Thanks, Matthias

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