[PD] What is the purpose of iemgui_raute2dollar

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 2 04:33:36 CET 2015

Because Pd's parser is likely to eat up a "$" followed by a number as a banking 
fee to pay the cost of sending messages.  :)
Send this from the GUI:
(canvas_addy) obj 0 0 clip $1 $2

and it becomes this in Pd:[clip 0 0]
There's also sys_decodeddialog/sys_encodedialog that is used for 

Additionally, I think you may have added another parser inside s_main 
to separate filenames in Pd-l2ork (although that one doesn't have anything 
to do with dollarsigns).

I have not yet decided where I want to add my own parser for the GUI port. 
I think a Pratt parser for message-box math would be neat.


     On Sunday, November 1, 2015 9:38 PM, Ivica Bukvic <ico at vt.edu> wrote:

 I presume this may pertain primarily to IOhannes and Miller,
I am trying to figure out what is the purpose of raute2dollar in iemgui objects? On an obvious level the function replaces # with an $ in a send, receive, and label symbols. Why is this necessary? Personally, I cannot think of a reason why it would be, but then again, I may very well be missing something...
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