[PD] OpenFrameworks + ofxPd in android: can't modify patch

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 01:49:13 CET 2015

> At the moment, I am loading a pd file called "noisepanning.pd", I load it in the ofApp.cpp <https://github.com/%E2%80%A6/exampleTween%E2%80%A6/blob/master/src/ofApp.cpp> source code file. The problem arises when I try to modify it, because the app behaviour does not change, it is like I have not done anything. Moreover, when I try to load another pd patch, the android app does not sound at all.

What do you mean by “modify it”? Modify the patch? The ofApp? You mean you send messages to the patch or?

Judging from your code in ofApp.cpp, you’re not sending any messages to libpd at all. There is the playTone() member function but it’s not being called anywhere.

> I am not building again with Xcode when I perform these changes, since I am only interested in the android application. I only use the commands:
> make AndroidDebug
> ./gradlew assembleDebug

That’s good, since you can’t build for Android in Xcode anyway. :)

> Is there something more I should do when I change the pd patch?

Does the sound work in the example if you build and run it on Android? I don’t have an Android device, so I’ve never tested ofxPd on Android. I’ve been told it does work, however.

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