[PD] OpenFrameworks + ofxPd in android: can't modify patch

Jose Luis Diez Antich jl.diez.antich at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 22:08:37 CET 2015

I have a problem with openframeworks ofxPd, maybe you can help me:

I have built an android application that uses ofxPd to interface with pd.
The code can be found here <https://github.com/thisisjl/exampleTweenPd>.

At the moment, I am loading a pd file called "noisepanning.pd", I load it
in the ofApp.cpp
<https://github.com/…/exampleTween…/blob/master/src/ofApp.cpp> source code
file. The problem arises when I try to modify it, because the app behaviour
does not change, it is like I have not done anything. Moreover, when I try
to load another pd patch, the android app does not sound at all.

I am not building again with Xcode when I perform these changes, since I am
only interested in the android application. I only use the commands:

make AndroidDebug
./gradlew assembleDebug

Is there something more I should do when I change the pd patch?

Thank you very much,

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