[PD] Needing to build an Android/iOS application.

Mario Mey mariomey at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 00:36:03 CET 2015

Dan Wilcox, what a surprise that **you** too answer this!

> Sounds like you’re going to have to learn *alot* really quickly. There 
> is no *easy way*, especially when you want to distribute things on the 
> various App Stores.
I arrived to the same conclusion.

> I’d recommend partnering with a mobile app developer so you can focus 
> on the PD stuff, otherwise you’ll be spending a long time getting the 
> hang of things before you actually get to do the actual app. Trust me.
I trust you. The thing is that, if I find a Mobile app developer, the Pd 
part will be minimum compared to the rest of the development.

> For something simple, quick, and dirty, I’d highly recommend 
> OpenFrameworks.
Yes... in the list, is the most difficult to me. It's "another world".

> For platform specific stuff, work with native Android and iOS 
> directly. Both have great frameworks, development environments, 
> documentation, etc. libpd provides project files to build for both. If 
> the core of the work is in the Pd patches themselves and the UI is 
> mainly a thin skin, you could share the same patches and just write 
> the UI natively for both platforms.
More distant frameworks... more "distant worlds"...

> - It will send this file, by Bluetooth through the serial port, to the 
> "device”.
> This is not possible. Better to use the built in file access (iTunes 
> File sharing over USB, Android SD card) or a mini webserver people can 
> point a browser or FTP program to.
Well, I said "file", but it is data. Most likely 1536 bytes (256*6). If 
I can't send this data, I won't can send the "start" command and 
time-to-syncronize commands...
> Again, you’re not going to use Bluetooth for this. Or at least you 
> probably *could* but it wouldn’t be as easily done as using something 
> like OSC over a wifi network.
Maybe... I'll ask the device developer.

>> Using Kivy (http://kivy.org <http://kivy.org/>)
> I don’t know about this one. You’ll need probably have a harder time 
> setting up libpd to work with it.
It looks very nice. And uses Python. For me, is "nearer".

>> Using OpenFrameWorks (http://openframeworks.cc/)
> This will work out of the box for both iOS and Android with the same 
> core code. You just need to use the Project Generator to create 
> different built files for each platform. It’s perfect for simple 
> things but you will *have* to use native code in order to create 
> native GUIS.
Learning C++ now? No, thank you! :P

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