[PD] Needing to build an Android/iOS application.

Mario Mey mariomey at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 00:48:50 CET 2015

The time line was:

/- Mario, could you build a phone/tablet app that does this and that?//
//- Yes!//

/- Mario, we want to make this app, but for Windows, because tablets are 
not being manufacturing and the phones are too small...//
//- Let me show you how the app could be in the phone...//
//- Oh, we like it! Let's do it for phones!/

So, maybe it would be better to develop the app for Windows (*) (and, 
for the market which it is directed, also for OSX). But, again, it has 
to connect via Bluetooth to the device... and, for the second instance, 
it should connect again to the device. Also, this could be another app 
in the phone that only does this... well, now I'm more confused than before.

(*) Options:
- for Windows, someone told me to make it with Max MSP, as standalone 
- Is there a possibility to run PureData only in "Play Mode"? Maybe I 
can pack a portable Win version of PureData with a batch that runs the 
patch **like** a standalone app...

As a good developer, I have to give my customers **solutions**, not 
confusion. So, I'm still thinking a good solution for all this. If 
someone has any idea that will route the solution, I would be appreciate.

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