[PD] Needing to build an Android/iOS application.

Mario Mey mariomey at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 00:20:47 CET 2015

Daniel Iglesia, what a surprise that **you** answer this!
Dan Wilcox, I answer you in the next mail. And maybe there's one more, a 
generic one...

> Do you mean a separate piece of hardware that is connected to the 
> phone/tablet?
The device is a hardware. Imagine that this is a one-led-box, with 
Bluetooth connection, an internal clock/timer and it stores some data 
(256 * 6 bytes). When it recieve the "start" command, it starts its 
timer and turn on and off the led, as the sequence says. But this is not 
my job, it's their.

This customer is an electronic engineer. He told me that, when you make 
a Bluetooth connection, you can send as a serial port emulator (e.g. 
COM10). Also, I read in some page that, when you make a Bluetooth 
connection (with a computer), the port appears in the serial list 
automatically. As I've never worked with serials, I supposed that it 
would be like that: connect to a serial port. Now I know, as you told 
me, that it's not so easy.

> If the former: Serial output (to another device) is not supported on 
> mobile OSes with [comport]. And it's not really feasible on iOS (which 
> controls access, and only allows some standard protocols: MIDI, USB 
> audio, etc) if you want to put it on the app store. Adding serial i/o 
> on MobMuPlat for Android is on my eventual to-do list (e.g. to 
> interact with an Arduino or other board), but it will have to be 
> written at the native app level, not using PD objects. (e.g. you'd 
> send serial data to a [send toSystem] within the PD patch).
I understand.

> Regarding packaging MobMuPlat/PdParty as a standalone application: it 
> is technologically straightforward since they are open source , you'd 
> have to hack a few lines and re-build the app and sign it. The license 
> for MobMuPlat allows it, I'm assuming that PdParty/PdDroidParty does 
> as well but you'd have to check that. See my notes at the very last 
> post here: 
> https://cycling74.com/forums/topic/running-max-map-on-a-tablet/.
I already had thought in this posibility. I had read about licenses if 
it were possible, and it is. But I supposed that confronting to modify 
any of those apps would be harder that build a new one (Pd patch and an 
interface, as I thought).

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