[PD] readanysf~ for windows ? (another try ...)

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Tue Feb 16 15:01:16 CET 2016

patrice colet wrote:

>>> By the way, the dll you have should work when you provide all
>>> missing libraries in bin folder.
>> unfortunately it doesn't.

> If libs you have to put in bin dir aren't compatible with the ones
> provided by pd-extended, it might not work.

i also tried with the latest vanilla release, where there were none of 
the libraries pre-installed, that [readanysf~] needs. so i didn't 
overwrite anything. yet - same negative result.

do you happen to have a set of libraries (*.dlls) that you know once 
worked on windows ? (regardless of pd's version) ?

a plan b (apart from using buffered playback like tabread4~ of course) 
is to use mp3play~ or oggread~, i'm aware of that. but they are not as 
flexible and fast as [readanysf~].

anyway, as i already wrote, [readanysf~] works great on linux !



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