[PD] [OT] choice of sound cards for 16 output channels

Derek Kwan derek.x.kwan at gmail.com
Sat May 7 12:48:00 CEST 2016

> Hello,
> With the following configuration :
> Ubuntu 16.04
> Pd-0.47.0
> I need to find a solution to send sounds on 16 different speakers.
> What is your advice regarding the purchase of USB sound cards under
> Linux with this configuration ? For you, which sound cards are more
> willing to do this job ?

I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 and I have an RME UCX that I pretty much love.
It's got 8 analog outs built into the device (well, 7 and 8 are mashed
together in the form of a stereo quarter inch out) but then you get 8
more with ADAT and 2 with SPDIF. The UCX has a big brother UFX that has
even more outs. I use my UCX with the JACK Audio Connection Kit and then
use Pure Data (or SuperCollider, or Ardour, or Audacity, or,.. pretty
much anything) to talk to JACK. JACK is basically a middle man between
your soundcard and everything else and it works great.

Well, pretty much all you need is a class compliant audio interface so
be on the lookout for those. Unfortunately, audio interface companies
don't like to make drivers for Linux but with the interface being class
compliant, that doesn't matter.I think it was mentioned earlier that the
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 is an option. There's a handful of them out
there.. hope this helps!

Derek Kwan

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