[PD] Request for help investigating the xeq sequencer package

Fred Jan Kraan fjkraan at xs4all.nl
Sat Oct 22 12:22:52 CEST 2016

On 22-10-16 10:46, Winfried Ritsch wrote:
> m Freitag, 21. Oktober 2016, 22:30:40 CEST schrieb Fred Jan Kraan:
>> Hi All,
>> To find out if xeq, the sequencer package created by Krzysztof Czaja in
>> 2006, is worth fixing, documenting and making a reliable deken package,
>> I am looking for someone knowledgeable of and interested in sequencers.
> I use xeq since, hmmm 2003 for my "Autoklavierspieler" [1] and preferred it to
> seq for the more flexible structure, playing in parallel und variable speed,
> positioning within midifiles and and accuracy and dont know any more why else.
> Using it in many installations now playing for years, especially the speaking
> piano pieces.
> The problem was compile errors since 5 years made me to use my own version of
> the source, but not clean enough to release.
> So I would be very pleased  if you  dekenize xeq.

If you happen to have some not-to-complicated patches which demonstrate 
features of xeq, those would be welcome. Xeq works remarkable well, but 
some of the objects can crash with certain argument values. Checks can 
and should be added, but then you have to know 'valid' ranges.
For me, dekenizing means including help-patches demonstrating at least 
some of the functionality of each object.

> mfg
>  winfried


Fred Jan
> [1]  http://algo.mur.at/projects/autoklavierspieler
>> Xeq is a sequencer suite inspired by the [qlist] object, but extended by
>> several useful features, only very rudimentary described. At least it
>> supports midi files, searching for note sequences in its dictionaries,
>> and maybe even some sort of programming to control sequence parsing.
>> At the moment, xeq compiles but because of the very limited
>> documentation; an outdated paper and a few poorly documented patches its
>> usage range is unknown.
>> To some extend I can fix bugs when it is clear what the proper behaviour
>> is, but my knowledge of advanced sequencer usage is too limited to find
>> out how it should work. This also limits my capability to create useful
>> help-patches. So I am seeking help from someone with more than average
>> knowledge of sequencers.
>> I am aware that software can be too complicated to be useful, so at one
>> point the conclusion could be that xeq is not worth the effort to
>> document and debug it. But so far the framework looks well structured,
>> and some of the charted functionality is working very well.
>> For testing the source is available at
>> https://github.com/electrickery/pd-xeq/tree/experimentalReconstruction,
>> but I can provide a deken like zip with an executable and available
>> documentation for all the usual platforms. No stabilility is guaranteed,
>> but it sure it will be 'interesting' (if you like sequencers ;-).
>> Fred Jan
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