[PD] libpd for Unity still alive?

olm-e ol at ogeem.be
Sun Oct 23 12:40:46 CEST 2016

Just to mention : FrankieZafe and friends are developping a bundle of
Ogre3d + Libpd + Bullet + OSC + blender export...

the project is called Polymorph, and is intended to permit high quality
art projects and games to be made with free software and distributed on
multiple platforms ... 

I highjack this thread because he started this project out of
frustration with Unity and Unreal from a hacking/freedom point of vue
and to supplement blender game engine in term of performance and

It's not yet "finished" but progressing at high pace and already
permitting some cool things.



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> Patrick updated the libpd version used by libpd4unity less than a month ago. The other wrapper files *seem* old since the libpd API is largely stable, so no need for constant commits.
> Also, libpd is much easier to build for C# / MONO in the latest version so I imagine that should help in regards to unity, although I have not tried it personally. There are also prebuilt libpd C# binaries for multiple platforms on NuGet.
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>> Subject: [PD] libpd for Unity still alive?
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>> Hello all,
>> I'd like to play with libpd within Unity.  I've come across several project that attempt this:
>> https://github.com/patricksebastien/libpd4unity <https://github.com/patricksebastien/libpd4unity>
>> https://github.com/Magicolo/uPD <https://github.com/Magicolo/uPD>
>> https://github.com/hagish/kalimba <https://github.com/hagish/kalimba>
>> but it seems like they are all old and not maintained; it also seems that they haven't been tested with Unity 5.  Does anyone have any recent experience with pd and unity?
>> Regards,
>> ali

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