[PD] Request - Deleting struct instances, progress?

Derek Kwan derek.x.kwan at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 07:04:07 CET 2017

I suppose since we're doing this about feature requests, I'd like to ask
about deleting instances of structs in linked lists =). 

I've read through the list archive and seen this pop up a few times,
one of the issues being brought up being stale pointers if I recall
correctly. Is there any progress on this? Would it be possible to
just copy over the data from the next node (if it exists) into the
requested deleted node and dealloc the original next node? And if
a current [pointer] is empty/stale, the next [pointer] the same, just
reset to the head as a failsafe? Admittedly, I'm not very familiar with
the mechanisms behind [pointer]s so I could be talking complete
nonsense so apologies in advance...

I suppose that this is a somewhat unrelated question, but what is the
[scalar] object supposed to do? Is it just a specific instance of a
struct in the linked list? 

I'd also echo William's words and say thanks for Pd, Miller =)


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