[PD] Request - Deleting struct instances, progress?

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 12:29:26 CET 2017

> in the meantime, here's a little hack how to delete specific scalar
> instances (as long the scalar has a drawing instruction and is visible +
> editable). get the scalar's x + y coordinates with [get], then send
> following message to the subpatch containing the scalar:
> [mouse x y 1 0, mouseup x y 1, key 1 8 0(

what you can also do is to put a "vis 1" before and "vis 0" after those
commands. in my experience, it opens up and closes the window so fast, that
one doesn't see it happening. (I didn't try it with pointers, just with
normal objects - but that's the same for the mouse) it should work even if
the scalar is outside the window borders.

regarding the drawing instruction, don't all scalars have the x y
coordinates, even if they're not defined in the template? in that case, the
scalars without a drawing should be automatically at the coordinates 0 0 -
which can be dangerous in case you use your scalars just to store (and not
display) data, because all of them will be positioned at 0 0.
all this I can't test now, I'm just replying from memory.

> > I suppose since we're doing this about feature requests, I'd like to ask
> > about deleting instances of structs in linked lists =).

that has been asked for a while. also with a "previous" method, instead of
just "next".


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