[PD] dumping array content, pitched down, to a new array without using metronome?

Esa Ruoho esaruoho at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 12:57:50 CET 2017

Hi, I have an array that I'm playing at say 0.017 speed (sending 0.017 to a
phasor~ set to cycle through the 65536 -sized array. I'm hoping to find out
how to get this pitched down array content to be written to an array - so i
can then dump it to a wavefile and use it on another software. How would I
go about doing it? so far i have a solution where i have a metronome that
runs for $1 (in this case, a calculation of 65536*0.017 = 1114112) and i
toggle it "on" and when the array has been written to, i toggle it off. I
was attempting to have a delay toggle the toggle off, so the metronome
would stop counting around 1114102, but when i tried to loop this through
back into the TGL -object, Pure Data crashed fully.

Are there other ways of dumping the exact length of this sample into a
wavefile, without using tabwrite~ and metronomes? Could this calculation be
done to a writesf~ maybe? i'm hoping to emerge with no repetitions of the
array, just a single shot of the array, with the proper length, so it plays
from start to finish.

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