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Joe Deken newblankets at newblankets.org
Thu Jan 12 13:14:07 CET 2017

I hope the Subject: header is informative enough that you may stop reading
loss, if you don't need further details.  If you do have interest in more
details, however:

- New Blankets *Benevolent Netcasts* are designed to make people aware of
community-building activities.  The point is that listeners may pitch in
and give of their own time and effort and/or cash to these "worthy

 1 - Some NB netcasts are for the benefit of "registered non-profit"
organizations; New Blankets
  simply passes the money along to such organizations.

 2 - Some netcasts benefit community groups who are not registered
non-profit charities.  New
Blankets keeps those donated funds internally, but separately accounted
for, so that the community group may direct how New Blankets will expend
those resources on their behalf.

  3 - Some NB netcasts are to raise "blue sky" future-funds that New
Blankets would like to build up. These funds will be used (as just one
example among many) for all the activities and ways that New Blankets
has helped the Puredata Community in the past. In addition, New Blankets
will launch a "mini grants" program in 2017 so that Pd-folks (and
others) may apply to NB for a bit of equipment, travel-support or
what-have-you  -- within the limits of New Blankets' limited budget and
proceeds from these fledgling-fundraising activities of ours.

Thanks for listening.

PS If you want to hear other archived Benevolent Netcast shows (e.g. with
Julian and/or Katja&Fred Jan)  just send me an e-mail 
(joe_deken at newblankets.org) and I'll point you to the right spot in the
archive. All disclaimers apply about the netcasts;  we're winging-it, and
learning as we go.  Thanks to ALL NETCAST GUESTS for their patience and
good humor;
let me know directly if you'd like to be a guest on the program yourself.

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