[PD] iemnet/tcpserver too sloooooow

rolfm at dds.nl rolfm at dds.nl
Thu Jan 12 14:46:27 CET 2017

i'm sending data using tcpserver & tcpclient over wifi with a router in 
a local network.

testing with different combinations of 3 systems:
laptop W10 Vanilla 0.47-1, Pi-3 Raspbian Jessie Vanilla 0.47-1, MacBook 
OSX 10.5.8 Pdext 43.4.

transfer of the same data takes (with some variations):
W10	-> Pi  150 secs
Mac	-> Pi  170
Mac	-> W10 200
pi	-> W10 210
Pi	-> Mac  23
W10	-> Mac  23

W10 with Pd-ext -> Pi 150

to me it looks like the tcpserver is the culprit.

using [netsend] & [netreceive] gives

Pi -> W10 17 secs
W10-> Pi  27

the data transfer is as follows:

the source patch sends 6 bytes and then waits until
a single byte comes back that signals the next 6 bytes can be sent.
in total 3538 data recs of 6 bytes are sent.

what could be the reason for this behaviour?
a bug?


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