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Lucas Cordiviola lucarda27 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 23 02:28:59 CET 2017

> 1) access the htmlcanvas by sending Pd messages to the inlet.  This seemed really limiting, especially when you consider how deeply web programmers leverage javascript and javascript frameworks when doing html5 canvas drawing/animation.  If you do similar such work in Pd to retain/manage state and render then you're getting in the way of audio computation.  If you leverage a higher-level framework to do it on the GUI side then you're tied to it as a hard

dependency for all time.

We all know that we can saturate computing even with -nogui. I`m talking about a rich-canvas with basic html+css, probably some little javascript, these will allow cool GUI, less limited than Vanilla, although not necessary for patching but more for "tutorials", helps, and main patch or face patch.

> Instead I just extended data structure drawings with the [draw] object to leverage the SVG spec and do declarative vector drawing.  If you look at

"Pd-L2Ork Data Structures" in the help browser you can see some examples.

I`ll try, but never did "data structures" in Pd yet.

>> this one could be edited through "devtools"? Perhaps?

>Yes, that's certainly possible.

So you liked the [htmlcanvas]?

I do.

I also liked he opening of html files, but probably we go back there later.



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