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Mon Jan 23 18:14:26 CET 2017

>> I`ll try, but never did "data structures" in Pd yet.

>You can create them just like regular objects in Purr Data, and you can change the visual attributes with simple Pd messages.  That makes them much easier to learn.

I`ll try.

.>>> this one could be edited through "devtools"? Perhaps?

>>> Yes, that's certainly possible.

>> So you liked the [htmlcanvas]?

>I may have misunderstood.  I was talking about an object to hold an html5 canvas, which is a 2d drawing surface.

I think that an [htmlcanvas] that renders html is great.

>I don't see the value in putting a web page inside an object box.

There is, and also not in an [object] box but with the natural rendering of html that Purr-Data already have. I mean the hole window of the patch.

>For example-- suppose someone opens one of your patches where you have ggee/image centered on the canvas.  If the user has a tiny screen (like an rpi touchscreen) they may try to decrease the width of the window in order to make it fit the screen.  But in that case your ggee/image is no longer centered-- the user would have to make an additional adjustment in edit mode to move the ggee/image to the left and manually center it again.

Why would i use ggee/image in Purr-data? I can use <img> and I can use other file formats other than just .gif.
Also in this example that you give my patch could break cuz beneath that ggee/image are bangs that provide funcionality (alla hidden buttons).

>One could poll the window width and use an external to automatically reposition the ggee/image.  But that's really hard, esp. compared to css which for all its faults handles this issue with elegance and ease.

Css elegance and ease is what Purr-Data should go for, or more precisely, is already there.

Also there are a lot of things that an html/javascript could be used to talk to [receives], I guess. Which could attract "graphic designers", how were always away from Pd and its people. This makes it more social. More urban.

>> I do.

>> I also liked he opening of html files, but probably we go back there later.

>I do, too.




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