[PD] [coll] bug

Derek Kwan derek.x.kwan at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 04:49:56 CET 2017

On Jan 29, Alexandre Torres Porres wrote:
> yeah, derek was talking about our current development, where we screwed up
> with the order of bangs in the unthreaded - but fixed now.
> Derek, would you care to elaborate why you think unthreaded should be the
> default?

I had some concerns with pthreads and Windows compat but it looks like
those aren't issues (? I don't have much experience with Windows dev) so
I think I would be fine either way.

> And is this threaded stuff only for multi threaded processors? How does
> this work on a single core rasbperry pi or something like that?

It looks like threading works fine on single core, at least according to
my perusing Stack Overflow, it's just that running threads will be
paused for other threads.
(source: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12997628/creating-threads-on-a-single-core-processor ).  So maybe something similar to unthreaded? And even then, only the Model As, first model Bs, 1st compute, and zero are single-core, all the rest are quad core. 

One issue that might be of concern is backwards compat with old versions
of Cyclone. Otherwise I'm fine with threaded as the default.


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