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Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 05:43:02 CET 2017

> I had some concerns with pthreads and Windows compat but it looks like
> those aren't issues (? I don't have much experience with Windows dev) so
> I think I would be fine either way.

it's working in windows!

> > And is this threaded stuff only for multi threaded processors? How does
> > this work on a single core rasbperry pi or something like that?
> >
> It looks like threading works fine on single core


> One issue that might be of concern is backwards compat with old versions
> of Cyclone. Otherwise I'm fine with threaded as the default.

I don't see an actual issue with that. It's more like "well, if you were
using trigger, and then you were reading a large file (which would cause
audio drop out anyway), you may have been using trigger instead of a bang
from coll's 3rd outlet... and now things might change"... We can offer a
flag for the old behaviour anyway, as it is common on Pd when such a
revision takes place...

You see, it just affects one operation: reading a file, and not all files,
just *Large* files... and it affects it in a good way: Preventing Audio
drop outs! As it happens in Max by the way...

Nothing that a decent documentation explaining one should always rely on
the 3rd outlet doesn't solve it.

we must encourage the best practice for coll, which is relying on its 3rd
outlet for bangs after reading a file... I don't see why offering the old
behaviour by default is of any advantage, we'd be encouraging a bad
practice, and sticking with a flawed design instead that causes audio drop

And let me point out that recent changes in the coll object, with the
inclusion of the threaded version, did change the bahaviour of coll and
compromised backwards compatibility, as the 3rd outlet bang was removed
from the default (unthreaded) version. If backwards compatibility was such
of a concern, that shouldn't have happened then.

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