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one of my messages didnt go to the list, it was too big...

let me adaot and resend it

Tests in Max that stand out:
> Reading and writing coll files while sound is running does not cause xruns
> in Max, whereas in Pd it can depending on the size of the coll file and CPU
> utilization.

yes, I've checked that too... Max never chokes on the audio processing.

> You are right in that determinacy is preserved in Max no matter what (e.g.
> read outlet bang outputs immediately after issuing the read message in
> logical time).
See, always confusing to me when determinacy is mentioned... that's not how
it happens in Max if I understand it... In Max it takes a while (until the
file read is ready) for the outlet to send a bang, it doesn;t go out
"immediately" as in the unthreaded version in cyclone, where it causes
audio drop outs

> Doing Uzi with 100k generated entries into coll object in Max and I get
> guaranteed crashes from these on both 6 and 7.

well, I tested opening a file with 300k entries in Max 7 and got no audio
crash/choke... it loaded the file fine, taking a bit under 500ms and the
audio wasn't interrupted. I also had a block size of 1 and audio I/O of 32
samples, highest CPU consuming setting possible, it was around 13%

see image attachment

I was also sending the file attached, but that's why my message got

> Best,
> Ico
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