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Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 11 21:44:46 CET 2017

> hey Jonathan - i would love to work with this for my purposes, but currently i have to be limited to objects for vanilla. is there a way at all to do this, since your original goal was to make l2Ork's new features accessible to all platforms? ideally i'd just like a superior vanilla PD editing environment with undo capability, but not have access to the advanced objects, or just be able to delete anything not integral to the editing process so i don't accidentally use it. any of this possible or are some objects fundamentally changed in your environment so much that cross compatibility is not possible?

> best,> scott
Hi scott,If you need to know which objects, arguments and methods don't exist in Pd Vanilla, Purr Data has 
a set of introspection tools that can help you do this.
[pdinfo] has a "classlist" method that returns all the class names of everything that made it successfully 
through class_new[classinfo] lets you get all the creator names for the pd's "objectmaker" class.  This should be a complete 
list of all names that you can type into an object box to create an object (plus a few more which you 
cannot manually create).
[classinfo] lets you get method/creator signatures for each object.  (Of course A_GIMME leaves 
some room for ambiguity, though.)
Using these objects it should be possible to create a rought picture of Purr Data's "core interface".  If 
you can figure out a way to get similar info from a particular version Pd Vanilla, then you should be 
able to use the two sets of data to automatically query any version of Purr Data to see what's been 
added or changed.
As far as disabling the non-Vanilla objects and methods-- I don't see any easy way to do that in 
Pd.  You could probably write some dangerous mercenary class that destroys/overwrites classes/methods 
as you direct it from the runtime.
You could use the Purr Data introspection objects inside an abstraction to poll the current parent 
canvas looking for non-Vanilla objects.  And maybe have it create a comment next to the offending 
object.  But that's a bit finicky and prone to error.


On Sat, Mar 11, 2017 at 7:48 AM, Jonathan Wilkes via Pd-list <pd-list at lists.iem.at> wrote:

Purr Data 2.1.1 is out.
https://git.purrdata.net/ jwilkes/purr-data-binaries/ tree/master

I added a "dropdown" widget to the "Put" menu.  The interface 
isn't yet stable, but it should be usable if people want to play 
with it.
* normalized range for `[bendin]` (keep old behavior under legacy flag)
* added "mouseenter" and "mouseleave" events for data structures
* fixed "Recent Files" under Windows
* cleaned up documentation in repo
* fix for `[midiclkin]` (#255)
* added "l2ork_version" message for `[pdinfo]`
* make loader search order the same as Pd Vanilla
* fixed cord inspector font size
* silence spurious error when autopatching a signal object
* added a `[dropdown]` object for choosing a value for an atom box (interface not stable yet)
* made gatom resizable by click-dragging in edit mode
* added "<ctrl-mousewheel>" for zooming
* added solarized and inverted solarized gui presets
* fixed mycanvas stroke color updates
* improvements to mode 4 of intelligent patching
* fixed "<Delete>" not deleting a selected object on some systems


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