[PD] Pd / Purr-Data and Ausus Tinkerboard - analog sound card does not show up (alsa)

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What does `aplay -l` output?

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 Subject: [PD] Pd / Purr-Data and Ausus Tinkerboard - analog sound card does not show up (alsa)
I'm testing the Asus Tinker Board at the moment but I cannot get Pd (0.46.2)
or Purr-Data to talk to the internal sound card of the tinker board.
It simply does not show up, neither as a normal user nor as root.
I'm on Tinker-OS 1.4 which is the latest version as of now.

In the Purr-Data preferences I can see these available (alsa audio) options:

- USB Audio (hardware)
- USB Audio (plug-in)
- rockchip.miniarm-codec (hardware)
- rockchip.miniarm-codec (plug-in)

The rockchip.miniarm-codec gives me sound on my HDMI monitor but no sound
from the regular analog audio out.

When I open the VLC player I get this for the audio devices:

- BT_HFP-Output
- SPDIF-Output
- Headset-Output
- rockchip.miniarm-codec Analog Stereo
- USB Audio Analog Stereo

Option 3 (the Headset-Output) gives me sound from the analog audio out
connector as expected.
Unfortunately this option does not show up in purr-data.

Has anybody else tried this board? Any ideas how to get sound from the
normal audio out?
After testing with Purr-Data only I just installed Pd 0.46.2 but I get the
same options and no sound from the audio out jack.

Thanks for your feedback!

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