[PD] zoom current state

Miller Puckette msp at ucsd.edu
Mon Aug 21 15:53:45 CEST 2017

This is a longstanding problem which I reminded myself of trying to fix
some other GOP stuff for 0.48 - I might manage to fix it for 0.48-1 but
was afraid to change too much so close tot he release of 0.48-0

(Also have to look at Fred Jan's solution which is apparently quite different
from mine :)


On Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 02:19:40PM +0200, Peter P. wrote:
> I am not sure if this is known, and if yes, for how long it has been
> around. I am on Pd 0.48 via apt on Debian testing. 
> Creating the following gui objects after having zoomed in does not
> create them with zoomed (doubled) dimensions :
> graphical bang
> hslider
> vslider
> hradio
> vradio
> vumeter (does look totally weird)
> (see also attached gui_zoomedObjectCreation.png where the objects have
> been created twice, once before zooming in, once afterwards)
> What works correctly here is:
> number
> graphical toggle
> canvas
> Number2 does not scale at all upon zooming in.
> In general, upon using the great zoom feature I discovered that the
> labels of most gui objects do not scale except for that of the
> numberbox. 
> The area that changes the mousepointer to something else (a circle on
> Debian) when hovering over in/outlets does not scale either on zoomed
> patches making it more difficult to find this area.
> Happy to do more testing.
> I was hoping I could make use of the zoom feature in my teaching this
> semester but sadly will have to wait a bit.

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