[PD] which pix_opencv to select in Deken?

Antoine Villeret antoine.villeret at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 11:47:31 CEST 2017

> > If yes, then you might need a more recent one.
> I am using the Debian testing package (0.93.3-12) and would like to

so it's most likely that this is why it doesn't load.

> avoid having to compile Gem from source, as IOhannes puts so much effort
> into packaging it and for the sake of it automatically updating as
> package.
> (IOhannes, do you know the time frame for the next Gem Debian release,
> btw?)

It would be sad if the pix_opencv deken package only works with a
> locally compiled (git) Gem. Do you think that compiling pix_opencv
> locally could also solve the problem?

maybe, but to be honnest I don't remember if pix_opencv uses recent Gem
it's worth a try compiling it against Gem 0.93-3

> > Concerning a macosx package with embedded opencv lib, I made some tests
> but
> > it was more a proof of concept than a ready to go package.
> Would you be permitted to distribute a binary libopencv via Deken for OS
> X?

If you mean legally by opencv license, yes.

> And on macosx you can install opencv with brew nowadays but brew itself
> > need some developer tools that could be annoying to install for someone
> who
> > just want to use pix_opencv. So my first attempt to make it more
> > convenient.
> Oh yes, I have seen these ridiculous gigabytes of Xcode tools which you
> are forced to install on OS X.
> thanks and
> cheers, P
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