[PD] initbang in vanilla (was Re: how to destroy/delete an object with dynamic patching?)

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 03:21:30 CEST 2017

2017-10-22 19:52 GMT-02:00 Miller Puckette <msp at ucsd.edu>:

> I've been thinking about some sort of such extention of loadbang - also
> to allow you to specify the message, as in "loadbang 5"  - I think that
> would

get a lot of use.

It would certainly do! There is already an external for this though, it is
[cyclone/loadmess], I know I use it all the time. It's one of the new ones
we included in cyclone 0.3

But I don't have a solid sense of what the design should
> be (and am always afraid of implementing something before I understand all
> the issues; if I do something stupid then its there forever :)

The thing about connecting [loadbang] to a message is that you can at least
click the message on the patch while you're working on it to test things.
That's also the case with a plain loadbang, but you can just also connect a
bang GUI. The thing is that it'd be more annoying to deal with that if you
had a message. The way [loadmess] works is that you can just click on it
and it sends the message as well. I like that idea and it's easy to
implement it in Pd, and it could be useful for a plain [loadbang] as well.

As long as loading messages go, what I don't like about [cyclone/loadmess]
is that you can't give it a comma and send more than one message at once.
That would be cool and I was even considering creating another external so
it could do that.

2017-10-22 16:44 GMT-02:00 Dan Wilcox <danomatika at gmail.com>:

> Or [loadbang] could have a second outlet for init bangs...

that actually sounds better and cleaner, and totally compatible with
Miller's idea of allowing it to send messages as well. I don't see how that
would raise any issue.

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