[PD] Force cyclone/gate instead of iemlib1/gate

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Mon Dec 4 10:05:22 CET 2017


Beyond the topic, I wonder also how to know if a library needs "-lib" option, and for which operating system. For iemlib, on Xubuntu the "-path" option is enough, on Windows, I need to add "-lib". Hard to follow if it is not the same option between platforms.

> Now, with Pd Vanilla, you can set the order your own, or use [declare], but, again, I just think libname/objectname is easier and more explicit

If it is the common way now, it is good to know. Thanks.

The order seems not working with "-lib". It seems stronger than a "-path" option.

I see the good points of this syntax, but also some disadvantages :
- if you download a set of abstractions "lambda" (~ library) and if the syntax inside is "Iambda/objectname", so all help files won't work if you open them directly. It was a strange behavior in the good old "pdmtl" abstractions help files. I like the idea that you can open any objects and help files inside the library folder (like rjdj lib).
- In a more logical level, if you declare a "-path /any/path/lambda" option, the library will not work. You need to declare the parent path, which is weird and not suitable if you want to show and declare all libraries that you need in a common declare line.

I guess the best practice would be to place all externals inside the same parent folder "~/pd/externals", declare this parent path (by default now) and also declare all externals paths to show the project's dependencies. So you can use the "objectname" alone or with "libname/objectname".


Jérôme Abel

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