[PD] "waking up" an audio patchbay abstraction upon live creation.

Brady Sharp bradysharp at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 18:40:18 CET 2017

I'm working on an audio patchbay function, with a small abstraction that
simply [receive~]'s from one bus and [throw~]'s to another.  I'm using $1
and $2 in the bus names, but that doesn't seem to be the issue, as it does
the same for fixed-name buses as well.

What happens is that when I create the abstraction live, no sound passes.
I can then save the canvas, toggle the DSP, and sometimes even edit
unrelated parts of the patch, and PD will then "wake up" and start passing
audio through the abstraction.

I'd rather not force a toggle of DSP or a saving of a canvas to get around
this, as that will have other ramifications for the rest of my sprawling
live patch.

I've been shown that generating the abstraction dynamically causes
everything to work as it should, so that is an acceptable workaround for
me, though not an extremely user-friendly one for some, so I thought I'd
bring it up to the list

This applies to any combination of [send~], [receive~], [throw~], or

Here's a link to a .zip of a very simple demo of the problem.  Just load
demo.pd, and the instructions are in the comments.

I'm running Vanilla .48-0 on Linux Mint.


Brady Sharp
bradysharp at gmail.com
bradysharp.com <http://www.linkedin.com/in/bradysharp>
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