[PD] md5 object?

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Thu Feb 8 12:29:42 CET 2018

Marco Hugo Schretter wrote:
> hi,
> good to hear that pjlink is in use with pd!
> resolved it? i'm working on it. i'm controlling several panasonic
> d5000 projectors at work with pd. it is definitely possible with the
> shell object but i often must use windows to do pjlink control from
> ableton with pd and so the shell object doesn't work.

without knowing what pjlink is or what you are trying to achieve:

[system] form the motex library is a [shell] for windows.

it's a bit of a pain to work with, because of the backslash problem and 
it doesn't output any stdout messages (at least not in my setup), but i 
use it just to run a prepared .bat file (mostly ffmpeg stuff) that i 
composed beforehand with the several tools PD provides ([text], [list], 
[list tosymbol] etc...)



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